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When it comes to applying Thermal Paste to your CPU, less is often more. Applying the correct amount is crucial for efficient heat transfer and optimal cooling performance. In this quick guide, we’ll explore how much thermal paste you should use and the best methods for application.

The Pea-Sized Dot Thermal Paste Method:
The most commonly recommended method for applying thermal paste is the „pea-sized dot“ or „rice grain“ technique. Here’s how it works:
Begin by cleaning the CPU and the heatsink’s contact surface to remove any residue from previous applications.
Place a small, pea-sized dot of thermal paste at the center of the CPU.
Gently lower the heatsink onto the CPU and secure it in place.

The pressure from mounting the heatsink will evenly spread the thermal paste across the CPU’s surface. This method is simple, effective, and minimizes the risk of using too much paste.

The X Thermal Paste Method:
Another method some enthusiasts prefer is the „line“ or „X“ method. Here’s how it’s done:
After cleaning the CPU and heatsink, apply a thin line or an „X“ shape of thermal paste across the CPU’s surface.
Carefully mount the heatsink onto the CPU and secure it.

This method can work well if you’re dealing with a larger CPU or heatsink. However, it’s crucial to use a very thin line or „X“ to prevent excess paste from squeezing out when the heatsink is installed.

The Spreading Method (for experienced Users):
Some experienced builders prefer to manually spread the thermal paste across the CPU’s surface. This method involves applying a small amount of paste and using a plastic card or a specialized spreading tool to create a thin, even layer.

While the spreading method can be effective when done correctly, it’s more prone to user error and can result in an uneven application if not carefully executed.


In summary, when it comes to applying thermal paste to your CPU, a little goes a long way. Using too much thermal paste can actually impede heat transfer and reduce cooling efficiency, so it’s best to err on the side of using a small amount. The pea-sized dot method is a safe and straightforward choice for most users, ensuring even distribution without excess paste.

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