The THERMAL HERO E6 CARBON Thermal Pad is designed for professional applications where the use of a thermal paste is not technically possible or reasonable. The E6 CARBON thermal pad is suitable for any application where sensitive high power electronics must be protected by a fast and safe cooling performance in smallest spaces.



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THERMAL HERO E6 CARBON Thermal Pad SERIES is a carbon fiber high-tech thermal pad. The material consists of a highly thermally conductive polymer matrix and carbon fibers. This material is flexible and has a good compression ratio to better compensate for unevenness on any surface. It can also be easily customized into different shapes and sizes depending on the application requirements.

Thermal Hero E6 High Tech Carbon Fibre Thermal Pad is made of high quality long fiber carbon fibers. The raw material is made in Japan and directly imported by us for this series of high-end products for manufacturing.

The carbon fibers of the Carbon E6 Thermal Pad has a very low thermal resistance. Due to its flexible nature and a minimum height of 0.3 mm, the risk of the pad crumbling and causing a short circuit to electronic components is very low. If the E6 Carbon Thermal Pad is installed correctly, it can be reused as often as required.

The Thermal Hero E6 CARBON pad can be used in industrial applications as well as in consumer electronics. The carbon fiber thermal pad is also very effective in high temperature environments of computers and graphics processors. Since the material is electrically conductive, installation should be done carefully or by professionals to avoid damage to surrounding electronic components.

E6 CARBON Thermal Pad Features


• HIGH Thermal conductivity: up to ≤70.0W/MK
•Low Thermal Resistance at low pressure
• High Cooling Performance
• Flexible High-Tech Material for Extreme Cooling requirements
• Environmentally friendly, does not contain any toxic ingredients
• REUSABLE (If correct Installed)
• 100×100/50×50/30x30mm and Customized (Project)
• RoHS compliant
• Electrically Conductive

Typical Applications

  • Overclock and Gaming systems, CPU, GPU, Gaming Consoles PS3/PS4/PS5 BOX ONE
  • SERVER Systems
  • All Electronic Components with Cooling requirement
  • Laptops, MCM, Mobil Phones
  • Aerospace, High-Tech AV, Optical Equipment
  • Medical Equipment, 5G Modul Units
  • DRONE Technology, Electrical Vehicles
  • Automotive Industry