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The Thermal Hero ULTRA is a silicone-based thermal paste with ultra-high cooling performance, very low thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity. This allows the paste to achieve very high cooling performance at sustained high CPU temperatures.

The paste was developed for newer processor generations with higher clock rates and overclocking potential. One of its main features is its ability to deliver excellent cooling performance at high clock rates and during clock rate peaks. The paste adapts flexibly to temperature changes, dissipating heat quickly and consistently based on performance demands. This ensures your computing power and processor are well-protected through efficient heat dissipation.

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Thermal Hero ULTRA

»EXTREMELY HIGH thermal conductivity and LOW thermal resistance for exceptional heat dissipation and high cooling performance«

»Long-term & high SYSTEM stability
at high temperatures and heavy workload«

THERMAL HERO thermal conductive pastes are developed according to
the latest research and findings in the field of thermal management and thermal optimization. Our ULTRAThermal Paste is composed of high-quality polymers and fillers with higher thermal conductivity.

The aim in developing the ULTRA thermal paste was to reduce the thermal resistance of the particles at low pressure and low viscosity in order to achieve the thinnest possible layer thickness and thus stable and high cooling performance.

The ULTRA series also offers excellent long-term stability, ensuring optimal cooling of your systems even after extended use.

Thermal Hero offers for all it´s Thermal Paste and Thermal PAD products a Warranty of 5 Years (under unopened conditions).

We have developed a paste that maintains a constant and high thermal conductivity even at very high temperatures, resulting in uniform and excellent cooling performance without substance loss or drying out.

ULTRA Thermal Paste Applications

PC Peripherals /Overclocking and Gaming Systems,
High-Performance CPU
and GPU, Gaming Consoles

HIGH END Server Systems
AV High End Display Technology
Laser Printing and 3D Equipment
Power supplies, power transistors
• Telecommunication Equipment, SG Modul Units
DRONE Technology and AEROSPACE, Electrical Vehicles

Automotive industry

ULTRA Thermal Paste Features

HIGH Thermal conductivity: up to ≤13.0W/MK
Low Thermal Resistance at low pressure
High Cooling Performance
Ultra Low Bond Thickness
Good Application, Low Viscosity
No corrosion or oxidation to any contact Surfaces
Doesn ́t dry out.
No electrical conductivity
100% ROHS Compliant
Usage Guarantee Up to Five Years Shelf Live (Before Use)

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