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Our Thermal Pad is ideal for users needing efficient cooling without the need for thermal paste. Therefore we use advanced thermal management research, combining high-quality polymers and surface-modified fillers.


As a result these materials enhance thermal conductivity by incorporating carbon and graphite.

We optimize the design to meet our customers’ specific needs, providing a range of pad options for industrial clients. This includes various cuts, thermal properties, and strengths, along with customized pads.

Our thermal pad servse as TIM in various applications, including CPUs, GPUs, gaming consoles, power electronics, communication devices, automotive, energy, lighting, LEDs, and more.

Our standard silicone-based thermal pads for power electronics boast thermal conductivity ranging from 5W/mk to 18W/Mk.

Furthermore, when properly installed, these pads are reusable and widely utilized in the aerospace industry, celebrated for their cost-effectiveness and quality.


Thermal Hero Thermal Interface Materials were desined to keep constant High Thermal Conductivity at high Temperatures.
Thermal Solution