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Thermal Hero Thermal Pastes, are the perfect choice for those who require high cooling performance. This Paste is developed based on the latest findings and research in thermal management and thermally optimized in Germany. Our greases are composed of high-quality polymers and surface-modified fillers with improved flow behavior and higher compatibility with polymers with high thermal conductivity. An optimal ratio of polymer to fine, round nanoparticles reduces the thermal resistance even in thin layers and low viscosity under and without pressure, resulting in outstanding cooling performance. These properties make Thermal Hero Paste particularly suitable for demanding applications such as gaming PCs or High-End Servers.

Due to their efficient Design, Thermal Hero thermal Paste can be used in a variety of electronic devices where a heat-generating surface is combined with a heatsink for heat dissipation, such as computers, gaming consoles, servers, and other scenarios. Our greases offer excellent long-term stability and maintain a constant and high thermal conductivity even at high temperatures, leading to excellent cooling performance without drying out or losing substance.

Thermal Hero thermal greases are tested by both end customers and industry and are produced with consideration for environmental sustainability while being continuously improved.


Thermal Hero Thermal Pastes were designed to give you control over your thermal management.
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