The Thermal Hero METALLIQ series thermal paste is a liquid metal compound with extremely high cooling performance, have low thermal resistance but high thermal conductivity.

The advantage of using liquid metal paste here is the fast heat dissipation at very high possible CPU or ambient temperatures.
It is claimed that the application of liquid metal is difficult. In our opinion, this is a rumor, anyone who is adept at applying silicon paste can also apply Metalliq. But you must be more careful and be well informed about the application, because liquid metal is electrically conductive.

In Conclusion, liquid metal is very useful for very high CPU temperatures and rapid cooling requirements.

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Thermal Hero‘s METALLIQ series is a liquid metal thermal paste that features high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance.

High cooling performance can be achieved when using this liquid metal thermal paste. Thermal Hero METALLIQ series can provide optimal and very fast performance even at high temperatures. One of the advantages of liquid metal Thermal Paste is the fast and efficient heat dissipation, which is especially important for high performance processors or graphics cards.

Another advantage is the high thermal conductivity, which is designed for very high computing power for possibly temporary even higher computing power, which can lead to very high temperatures, which must then be dissipated quickly so as not to endanger the system stability.

The Thermal Paste product is manufactured in Germany, including the melting, blending, and quality control processes. The purity of the ores used in this product is at 99.9% and it ensures optimal heat transfer, resulting in a longer lifespan for your hardware. The METALLIQ series Thermal Paste from Thermal Hero is not only powerful and efficient but also durable and safe to use.

METALLIQ Thermal Paste Applications

PC Peripherals /EXTREME Overclocking and Gaming Systems,
High-Performance CPU
and GPU, Gaming Consoles
PS3/PS4/PS5, XBOX ONE / Series X-S

HIGH END Server Systems and Network SYSTEMS
AV High End and Laser Display Technology
3D Equipment and Laser Printing


HIGH Thermal conductivity: up to ≤80.0W/MK
Low Thermal Resistance at low pressure
High Cooling Performance
Ultra Low Bond Thickness
Good Application, Low Viscosity
No corrosion or oxidation to any contact Surfaces
Doesn ́t dry out.
It is electricaly conductiv
100% ROHS Compliant, Not Toxic
Usage Guarantee Up to Ten Years Shelf Live


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