Thermal Hero Quantum is a silicone-based thermal paste that offers excellent cooling performance due to its high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance. This makes the Quantum paste particularly effective in cooling processors and other components, even under extreme operating temperatures.

This thermal paste is particularly suitable for modern, high-performance processors that are operated under intensive continuous operation. Its main strength is to maintain a stable cooling performance under such conditions to ensure the long-term efficiency and protection of your hardware.

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Thermal Paste

THERMAL HERO THERMAL PASTES  are made of two main components:

  1. High Quality Polymer
  2. Silanized Nano Metal Oxid Filler

Based on our thermal design, we have developed a thermal paste with extremely high cooling performance for all applications and perfect properties.

Your hardware is optimally cooled even after prolonged use.

How does it work?
Quite simply, through two very well developed main properties:

Low thermal resistance
High thermal conductivity

Thanks to a very good interaction between the polymer and the uniform heat-conducting particles, your processor is constantly cooled despite very high temperatures.
Even with temperature fluctuations, our Quantum paste will neither dissolve nor dry out.
Thermal Hero Quantum therefore meets the highest demands for a reliable and efficient thermal paste.


  • PC peripherals / extreme overclocking & gaming systems, High-performance CPU & GPU, game consolesPS3/PS4/PS5, XBOX ONE-Series X-S
  • HIGH END server and network systems
  • AV High End and Laser Display Technology
  • 3D and laser printing
  • Power supplies, power transistors
  • Drone technology and aviation industry
  • Automotive industry/electric vehicles

Properties of the thermal paste

  • High thermal conductivity: up to ≤17. 0W/MK
  • Low thermal resistance at low pressure
  • High cooling capacity
  • Very low layer thickness
  • Easy application, low viscosity
  • No corrosion or oxidation on contact surfaces
  • Does not dry out.
  • No electrical conductivity
  • 100% ROHS compliant
  • Guarantee of use: up to five years (before use)

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