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high-tech Allround cooling Solution For Standard Users and PC enthusiasts Suitable for Standard Desktop PCs, Laptops and small Servers
Suitable for gaming PCs and workstations with medium to high performance requirements. For Advanced Users and Gamers ultra high-performance Paste Designed for extreme overclocking, high-performance computing and industrial application For Professional Gamers, Content Creators and IT Specialists Superior Advanced Performance Paste liquid metal paste Best suited for highest performance requirements and extreme heat dissipation. For Extreme Overclockers, HPC Researchers, and Industrial Technicians NEo High-performance pad Developed for Perfect Device Longevity and Stability For Beginners, Experienced Users, and Gamers

The Thermal Solution You need to cool the heat on ALL of your devices !

We as Thermal Hero have dedicated our work in offering you the optimal heat dissipating solution: a range of our Premium efficent Thermal Paste, Pad and compounds to guarantee your rig to perform at its best so you can perform at yours.

The difference between Thermal Hero thermal pastes and standard thermal pastes by three properties essential for thermal pastes.

Low thermal resistance
Easy to use
High cooling performance


Thermal Hero thermal pastes achieve very low thermal resistance values and thus more efficient, higher cooling performance for your system.


Thermal Hero pastes offer improved flow properties with higher thermal conductivity. The pastes are effortless to apply, ensuring ease of use.


Thermal Hero Pastes offers solutions for every demand, in the dissipation of heat from your processor. From standard office computers to extreme overclockers.



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