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Thermal Hero NEO is a silicone-based thermal compound that offers a wide range of applications thanks to its outstanding thermal properties. The NEO thermal paste has optimum flow behavior with very low thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity. As a result, the paste achieves a minimal layer thickness even at low contact pressure, resulting in very impressive cooling performance.It is easy to apply without sticking or spreading.

This thermal paste is characterized by its excellent cooling performance and is ideal for use on any type of CPU, GPU and chipset. NEO helps you to significantly reduce the temperature on your processor, thereby ensuring long-term and stable use of your hardware.

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Thermal Hero NEO Series

Your ultimate user-friendly all-round talent for CPU cooling.
»High cooling performance«
»High thermal conductivity«
»Low thermal resistance«
»Low viscosity«

Introducing the Thermal Hero NEO series thermal compound – your ultimate, user-friendly all-round talent for CPU cooling. This high-performance thermal paste is characterized by a successful combination of low thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity, guaranteeing exceptional heat dissipation. Its unique low viscosity ensures effortless application, while its non-drying and non-dissolving features provide long-lasting reliability.

Convince yourself of the ease of application and experience optimal CPU cooling with this reliable thermal paste.

In addition, the NEO Series offers excellent price-performance ratio with its wide range of applications, making it a cost-effective choice for any PC enthusiast. Say goodbye to overheating problems and unlock the full potential of your CPU with Thermal Hero NEO Series thermal compound. Upgrade your cooling today and keep your system running at full speed!

NEO Thermal Paste Applications

PC Peripherals /Overclocking and Gaming Systems,
High-Performance CPU and GPU, Gaming Consoles
PS3/PS4/PS5, XBOX ONE/Series X-S

HIGH END Server Systems
AV High End Display Technology
Laser Printing and 3D Equipment
Power supplies, power transistors
• Telecommunication Equipment, SG Modul Units
DRONE Technology and AEROSPACE, Electrical Vehicles

Automotive industry

NEO Thermal Paste Features

HIGH Thermal conductivity: up to ≤12.0W/MK
Low Thermal Resistance at low pressure
High Cooling Performance
Ultra Low Bond Thickness
Good Application, Low Viscosity
No corrosion or oxidation to any contact Surfaces
Doesn ́t dry out.
No electrical conductivity
100% ROHS Compliant
Usage Guarantee Up to Five Years Shelf Live (Unopened)

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